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Retirement was once regarded as an ending. However, now that we are retiring earlier, we are healthier, we are wealthier, and we are living longer, retirement is no longer seen as an ending but the start of a new and potentially exciting phase of our life.


Retirement provides us with unlimited possibilities and each of our experiences will be unique.  We can do new things, do things differently, or continue to do more of the things we enjoy.  Retirement gives us the chance to re-kindle old passions; explore wider horizons; meet new challenges; re-connect with friends and family; and find out who we really are.  


If we wish, we can spend more time using the talents and the experience we gained from working to meet the needs of the world around us. 


However if we are to take full advantage of these opportunities we need to make the time for planning and preparation. I work with clients to take the uncertainty out of retirement so that they experience the retirement they really deserve.


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