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The Retirement Success Profile Programme


When asked to describe what a successful retirement might look like, many people have difficulty answering.  Sometimes the right answers can only be found if we ask ourselves the right questions! But what are they?


Research has identified the 15 key factors that contribute to retirement success. Based on these key factors retirement experts in the US have developed The Retirement Success Profile as part of a programme that helps you design your own Personal Retirement Plan.


Delivered by qualified retirement professionals only, this programme, while tried and tested by thousands in the US, is relatively new to the UK. Pam Houghton is a certified retirement coach qualified to deliver, interpret and guide you through the process.  It will help you to identify what you want from retirement, understand what steps you are currently taking, and what will need to be done to ensure that your retirement matches your expectations.


The Retirement Success Profile Programme


Retirements Unlimited offers a 7 step programme to retirement success for a fee of £300. What is included ?


 Step 1  Complete the The Retirement Success Profile online in your own                            time


 Step 2  Comprehensive 23 page personalised report outlining how the 15                          key success factors relate to you


 Step 3  1 hour phone or Skype consultation with Pam Houghton to discuss                        your Retirement Success Profile personalised report, and to                                    identify your areas of strength and any areas for development


 Step 4  Consultation summary  to help you create your Personal                                         Retirement Plan


 Step 5  Free electonric copy of the companion book to The Retirement                                Success Profile - The  New Retirement – Discovering your                                      Dream  by  Dr Richard P. Johnson (creator of the Retirement                                    Success Profile)


 Step 6  Create your Personal Retirement Plan in your own time


 Step 7  1 hour phone or Skype follow-up consultation with Pam                                        Houghton to put the finishing touches to your Plan 


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